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The answer to your household needs |

The answer to your household needs

The Triple J Truckload Store team focuses their efforts on sourcing, stocking, and pricing, leading to a memorable in-store experience for all customers. (Bea Cabrera) The Triple J Truckload Store has different choices of sofas to fit anyone’s lifestyle and comfort. (Bea Cabrera) The Triple J Truckload Store’s full sized comfortable mattresses are in stock. (Bea Cabrera)
Triple J Truckload Store’s affordable and premium non-stick cookware sets, skillets, and frying pans . (Bea Cabrera) Avail of a great selection of beddings, sheets, and comforters. (Bea Cabrera) Beat the island heat with a selection of household and office fans at great prices. (Bea Cabrera)
Find the right television for you and your family through a wide selection of televisions at Triple J Truckload Store. (Bea Cabrera)

Talk about creating a habit.

These days, every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday is devoted to checking out the new items on sale at the Triple J Truckload Store and buying the household items you need.

Operated by Triple J Group Enterprises and Triple J Saipan, Inc., the Truckload Store grew out in response to a need. Triple J used to operate a supermarket called “Super Fresh Market” but, with the economy down, the company closed the supermarket and focused on other things.

“Along came the idea for a truckload store, a place that provides items to the community at a much lower price,” said Jay Santos, general manager of Five Star Wholesale Truckload Store.

According to a Triple J statement, it was the vision of Robert H. Jones of Triple J Enterprises, Inc. and Triple J Saipan, Inc. to provide customers with a sense of pride and security when shopping for household needs at a time when it was a burden due to the lack of means.

Hence, the birth of Triple J Truckload Store in 2012, with a mission to provide household items at affordable prices that is open to serve the public every Thursday and Friday from 11am to 7pm and Saturday from 9am to 7pm.

Triple J Truckload Store’s business model is centered on the fact that they are only open three days a week, with the purpose of converting savings on operations to be able to provide low-cost products to their customers.

“People ask, why aren’t you open more often? That means hiring more staff to manage the store, which means more costs and higher prices. We have the same team that receives the items, merchandizes the store, manages the store when we are open, keeps our costs down as mush as possible and extends those savings to the community,” Santos said.

Sharing in the Triple J Enterprises, Inc. mission of customers first, the Triple J Truckload Store team focuses their efforts on sourcing, stocking, and pricing.

Today, the Triple J Truckload Store offers an array of household items, from outdoor equipment to indoor furnishings including décor and functional necessities. 

“Helping families get the household items they need that are cost-saving is the idea we started with and continue to keep in mind when we source the goods. As our customers invest in personal spaces and their homes, the Triple J Truckload Store will be their partner, providing affordable items they need day to day” Santos said.

“We are continuously working at just trying to put in more variety and try to bring in items that the people will need. Eighty percent of the items in our store come from K-Mart from Guam. The rest we get it from various vendors in the mainland and China,” he added.

Triple J Truckload Store customers can look forward to the annual Black Weekend Sale coming up on Thanksgiving weekend.

“We did a buying trip over the summer about the number of items coming in. People can expect great deals on televisions, electronics, small appliances. You can basically get a coffee maker for $15,” Santos said. “Everybody knows we have the best prices on island.”

“People can expect new home décor items, coolers, bedroom items such as sheets and blankets. Nowhere can you get a nice comforter for only $12. New luggage will also be coming in,” he added.

The Truckload Store is located in Chalan Kanoa across Aquarius Hotel. For more information call 322-1923 or email Customers are also encouraged to follow their Facebook page: for the weekly listings of sale items.

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