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The best Amazon Echo add-ons and accessories |

The best Amazon Echo add-ons and accessories

Amazon’s Echo smart speaker and Alexa digital assistant are wildly successful, and that’s spawned a cottage industry of add-ons and accessories that make the hardware even better. Want to render Alexa portable? There’s an accessory for that. Not satisfied with the way the Echo reproduces music? There’s an add-on for that. Is the Echo taking up too much counter space? Buy hardware to hang it on the wall or even mount it inside your ceiling! 

We’ve put our hands on 16 of the best accessories on the market so that we can not only inform you of their existence but tell you how they perform and let you know of any drawbacks they might have. Most of these are compatible with the Echo and Echo Dot (2nd generation), since the new models (the Echo Show, 2nd generation Echo, et al) just came to market. Let’s get to it!

All-device accessories

Echogear Outlet shelf

If you have an outlet that’s in the middle of your wall and unobstructed by design elements such as a countertop backsplash, Echogear’s Outlet Shelf ($15 on Amazon) can accommodate not just any Echo device but also larger devices such as a Sonos One speaker (there’s a weight limit of 10 pounds).

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This plastic shelf replaces your outlet cover (extra-long screws and metal plates for both styles of outlets are provided to secure it to the receptacle). The shelf is above the outlet, and the power cable passes through a hole in the back. The “legs” of the shelf are wide enough to accommodate even large wall warts, but it can be challenging to hide the excess cable for smaller items like an Echo Dot (you might want to replace the standard cable with a stub cable in such situations).

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd generation) accessories

The Spot, for the Echo Dot

The Echo Dot is short, but its footprint is just as large as the full-size Echo. If the counter or tabletop space your home is already overcrowded, Mount Genie’s The Spot ($18 on Amazon) lets you hang the Dot from an electrical outlet, effectively reducing its footprint to zero.

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The Spot is a plastic cradle that holds an Echo Dot. It comes with a USB cable stub that plugs into the power adapter that came with the Echo Dot. The adapter fits inside a collar that the cradle hangs from. Flanges on the back of the mount extend to the wall, so that pressing the buttons on the Dot won’t pull the AC adapter out of the plug. The Spot can be used with vertical or horizontal outlets, but it will prevent you from plugging a three-pronged plug into the adjacent outlet in a duplex. 

Most outlets are installed about 12 inches above the floor, which isn’t an ideal location for either a speaker or a microphone. That goes double if the outlet you want to use is blocked by furniture. The Spot works great with outlets that are located above countertops (kitchens, bathrooms, wet bars, etc.) or in workspaces such as the garage. The Spot is available in black, white, gray, and aqua.

This Dottie, for the Echo Dot

Nothing Like This offers a similar cradle for the 2nd-gen Echo Dot called This Dottie ($20 on Amazon). Unlike The Spot, it has an AC adapter built right into the device. A USB cable stub is also included. This Dottie won’t block the lower outlet in a duplex if you plug it into the upper outlet, as shown on the installation pamphlet, but the buttons on the docked Dot will be upside down. Also, the weight of the Dot might pull the AC adapter out of the outlet over time.

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