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The best woks you can buy to cook up a delicious stir fry at home … |

The best woks you can buy to cook up a delicious stir fry at home …

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The Insider Pick:

  • The best woks are nonstick, provide even and consistent heat distribution, are easy to clean, and are built to last a lifetime. This description fits the Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Wok to a T, plus, it’s oven-safe and made in the USA.

A stir fry is a healthy meal alternative that even the pickiest of vegetable eaters can warm up to. This simple and tasty dish is best made in a wok because of the cookware’s quick frying abilities and the fabulous flavors it produces.

But, stir-fries are not all that woks are good for. Used in China for millennia, the wok is ideal for a broad array of Chinese cuisine that requires high heat searing. Today’s woks are versatile enough to replace your standard frying pans as you cook fried potatoes, eggs, burgers, steamed vegetables, and even popcorn. And, if you are interested in using your wok for deep frying or smoking, there are woks that come with lids.

Woks are made from a wide range of materials and each has strengths and weaknesses. Carbon steel is traditionally a favorite material for woks because it reacts quickly to heat adjustments and has a natural nonstick finish. However, they can be quite expensive, and we could not find a model that was worth recommending.

Cast iron woks are much more affordable and also have a nonstick finish from their cooking oil seasoning. Cast iron is a heavy material, and it does not cool quickly. Some users may find the cleaning, drying, and oil seasoning process tedious.

Stainless steel woks have grown in popularity in recent years because of the buyer demand for nonstick (without a need for seasoning), dishwasher-safe alternatives. Stainless steel is also durable and not prone to rust. Aluminum is also used to make woks because of how lightweight and heat conductive it is. Many models use stainless steel with an aluminum core to take advantage of the positives of both of these materials.

We thoroughly researched the expert and consumer experiences with dozens of wok styles and models before picking the best woks. In order for a wok to be included in our guide, it needed a strong history of durability, even heat transfer, and ease of use and maintenance.

Although we chose the Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Wok as the best wok overall, there are several reasons why you might prefer the Cooks Standard 13-Inch Multi-Ply Clad Stainless Steel Wok, the T-fal Specialty Nonstick Jumbo Wok, the TeChef – Art Pan Wok, and the Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Flat-Bottom Wok. Read on in the slides below to find out more.

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