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The Chinese artisan wok that’s backordered for two years |

The Chinese artisan wok that’s backordered for two years

It’s not available outside of China yet, but Bite of China III, one of the—best food shows produced anywhere on the planet—premiered during the recent Spring Festival (happy Year of the Dog!). The first episode highlighted woks made by ironworkers in Zhangqiu, Shandong province, and after it aired the factory featured on the show saw its entire inventory sell out in an hour. Even more impressive, the factory booked enough orders to keep its 50 artisans occupied for the next two years.

According to Bite of China, each pan requires 12 different steps to produce and is fired at a temperature of 1,000 Celsius to create a mirror-like, non-stick surface ideal for achieving wok hei— the beautifully caramelized finish and deliciously charred flavor that stir-fries get when properly cooked in a very hot wok.

Wok madness is not new in the heated world of stir-fry aficionados. On her blog, stir-fry guru Grace Young writes about the hand-hammered woks that used to be made in Shanghai by the Cen brothers. Though designed slightly differently than the woks from Shandong, they became a cult cooking item after one appeared on the cover of Young’s book, The Breath of a Wok. 

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