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The Joys of June! |

The Joys of June!

Ed says: Celebrate June Brides, grooms and weddings!

For most of my professional career I worked in the dinnerware industry which was traditionally connected to home entertainment, restaurant service and wedding registry. 

I realize a lot has changed but beautiful dinnerware remains one of life’s most rewarding values. Brides and grooms may (or may not) be thinking of their future household but look, people are going to give you gifts, and if you don’t direct them to your specific desires then don’t complain when you are running all over town returning toasters, coffee machines and blenders- and being stuck with credits at Aunt Edna’s favorite shops. June couples, do yourself and your guests a huge favor and create a registry (online and local) and get the word out where your registered (traditionally through your maid or man of honor, best man, or shower invites).  Register for items in a variety of price points so your guests have choices but don’t be mundane here, items should be your wish list more than household needs that you can always pick up later. (As most couples already have probably set up home, the essentials are most likely in place).  My advice is go for the luxury tabletop items such as china, crystal, better accents like linens and placemats and high end cookware and serve ware that you’re probably going to need with future entertaining plans. 

That way you’re building a set that you and your new spouse have picked out and your guests all aren’t getting you a crystal bowl or store credit at Home Depot! (no offense to Home Depot but I’m not sensing the romance, memory or convenience of buying you tools or potting soil for a wedding). 

Get ready to enjoy summer days 

June is that wonderful time usually between turning off the heat but not yet turning in the AC. Windows are wide open and the sound of birds and fresh air drift through the rooms. 

Here’s an idea to set the mood-Make pitchers of fruit infused waters by slicing up lemons, apples, cucumbers or any such combinations you like and keep out to stay hydrated and detoxified in warmer weather. 

How about adding new pillows, and outdoor rug, a few strands of summer lights and a few hanging flowering baskets to your outdoor seating area? It might be all the renovation needed to make your deck or patio a summer oasis with just one trip to the previously criticized Home Depot. 

Get in the Swim

Along with this warm weather comes those trips to the beach or pool. Whether it’s in your backyard or across town don’t forget the three top must haves-

A great swimsuit, awesome sunglasses and sunscreen! 

Make a splash but save your skin and sight with constant protection. 

Skin protection is the ultimate style. 

Get out of the kitchen if you can’t stand the heat

Try Eating “Al Fresco”.Nothing better than eating (and cooking, grilling) outside. Consider making a designated area with sealable cabinet for non perishable items like serveware, barware, tableware, and entertaining things you use all the time that can just be reset outside to edit the back and forth resets every time you want to entertain outside. The more recyclable items, like paper or bamboo goods, the easier for you with clean up and easier on the environment as well. 

Who wants to be in a hot kitchen? And as many culinary types like to master the grill for whatever reason, it often gives the usual cook some time off.

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