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the land rover icarus rooftop camper by alu-cab |

the land rover icarus rooftop camper by alu-cab

the land rover defender ‘icarus’ roof conversion built by south-african company alu-cab, features a built-in tent that deploys in seconds. this portable architecture structure is like a ‘dream tree house’, that turns any stretch of land into a sleep-ready campsite. under the skin it includes a two-berth roof tent with a bed inside the camper, a slide-out solar power, and a fold-away stove. its rugged exterior features lumeno LED lights and storage, with additional volume for kitchen utensils complete with pots, pans, cups, and plates.

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alu-cab’s ‘icarus’ roof conversion for the land rover ‘defender’  is perhaps one of the sleekest two-person-sleeper overland solution’s to be built. not only does it offer a sleeper compartment that is easy to erect and access, it also offers exceptional internal living space in new environments. after exiting the 4×4 to flip the roof up – a process that takes seconds – campers can access the sleeper compartment from inside the vehicle. the sleeper compartment even includes a flip-up panel that allows people to even stand up inside. this conversion creates a marginal increase to the ‘defender’s’ roof height, so there are less worries about clearance when manoeuvring the vehicle. the aluminum conversion is available in kit form, while installation takes two days at a competent fitment centre.




alu-cab delivers high quality, innovative vehicle accessories and conversions. with many years of experience it has become a leading manufacturer of aluminum canopies and campers, for both commercial and recreational use. the company leans towards building most of its products from aluminium, as it believes it is wonderful metal to work with, due to it’s strong, light-weight properties, plus it doesn’t corrode. in many cases its conversion kits outlast the vehicles they are built for.



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