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The Surprising Truth You Might Not Know About Kate Spade’s Business |

The Surprising Truth You Might Not Know About Kate Spade’s Business


Spade helped change the handbag world in a big way. Here, we’ll show you the unconventional, daring way she started her business (page 4) and the surprising thing you might not know about her involvement in the company she founded (page 7).

The bags’ iconic look

Kate Spade’s bags were a hit with young professional women. | Monica Schipper/Getty Images

  • They are popular in neutrals and bright colors alike.
  • Spade kept the price down by using alternative materials to leather.

Fans of Spade’s handbags mourned the death of the fashion icon by posting pictures of their beloved bags. “It takes a beautiful mind to design beautiful things,” one tweeted. “When I first got a job with a livable wage, one of my first purchases was a Kate Spade … This is so sad,” another chimed in.

The bags have been described as brightly-colored gems and whimsical totes. “L.L. Bean meets Prada,” is how Spade described her line. She found success with preppy bags in neutrals and vibrant hues alike. She kept prices down by focusing on alternatives to leather, such as wool, tweed, linen, and nylon.

Next: See who the bags were popular with and why.

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