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These Aren’t Your Mama’s Oven Mitts |

These Aren’t Your Mama’s Oven Mitts

If you can’t take the heat, don’t get out of the kitchen — just get some better cooking gloves!

FingerMitts are the heat-resistant silicone gloves you really need when you’re handling hot pots, pans and trays. While they protect your paws the way traditional oven mitts do, FingerMitts are so much more flexible, functional and sanitary.

Each pair of FingerMitts is made from 100 percent food-grade silicone, a high-quality non-slip, stain-resistant material that lets you grip hot surfaces with confidence. When your FingerMitts eventually do get dirty, just pop them in the dishwasher for the kind of easy, complete clean you’d never get with a dingy cotton oven mitt.

FingerMitts cover the whole hand, making them a superior choice to old-school oven mitts which can easily slip and leave fingers and palms vulnerable to touching high-heat cookware directly. They’re great for use with ovens, grills, stove tops and more, and they come in three cool colors to suit your decor.

Once you’ve handled hot foods using FingerMitts, you’ll never go back to clunky cloth mitts again.

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