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This Cast Iron Cookware Set Is 47% Off |

This Cast Iron Cookware Set Is 47% Off

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So if you’re ready to ditch chemical-laden non-stick cookware, now’s the time to do it. You can get a full set of Pioneer Woman cast iron cookware for just $79 at Jet. Usually it costs $149.


Cast Iron Cookware Set

The set includes a 10-inch skillet, a dutch oven, two smaller oval au gratins, four sauce pans, a silicone sleeve, and two wooden spoons. They all come pre-seasoned, and you can get the set in red or turquoise.

My mother cooks exclusively in cast iron; so naturally, I soon ended up with a heavy cast iron skillet in my kitchen. I use it to make things like shakshuka—a tomato-based egg dish that begins on the stovetop and ends in the oven.

I’m convinced both my food and my desserts taste better when cooked in cast iron.

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