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This Halloween, decorations have a vintage, ghoulish edge |

This Halloween, decorations have a vintage, ghoulish edge

Leering pumpkins with smiles askew. Warty witches you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. Spiky-backed black cats on the prowl for a throat to tear out. This year, Halloween is sporting a vintage style that’s a far cry from the smiling moons, benevolent bats and friendly ghosts for whom Halloween is a benignly spooky holiday.

Back in the earliest days of the last century, Halloween was a festival meant for adults, and that meant adult parties.

The artwork and images produced for this mature audience largely came out of Germany and the U.S. and were often exquisitely crafted with edgy images that were boldly dark and deliberately unsettling.

These early images have proved irresistible. Just look around. This Halloween, they’re fueling a growing collectibles market for true vintage Halloween pieces and a surging interest in reproduction vintage Halloween decor.

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