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This is What the Average American Home Looked Like Over the Decades |

This is What the Average American Home Looked Like Over the Decades

What makes a home look outdated? Are any home décor trends truly timeless? Will faux wood paneling ever come back in style?

Home decorating has come a long way over the decades. Certain elements that began as necessities for survival – like fireplaces – have transformed into decorative elements in the modern age. Some retro styles (like midcentury modern) are still massively popular, inspiring copycat furniture that sells for thousands. Other trends (like wallpaper borders) are ignored or even ridiculed.

No one knows what home decor of the future will look like. But if we look back through history, we can guess which design elements will come back – and which will disappear forever.

1. A typical bedroom in the 1920s

Art deco bedroom | Spooky2006/iStock/Getty Images

The Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles dominated in the 1920s. With curving shapes, deep hues, and rich color palettes, the Roaring 20s took cues from the sets of Hollywood. Geometric shapes and patterns also featured prominently in accessories such as wallpaper and other decorative accents.

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