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This Week’s Picks: Gifts from AmericasMart Atlanta |

This Week’s Picks: Gifts from AmericasMart Atlanta

With GDA’s editorial staff in Atlanta for the 2018 AmericasMart Winter Market this week, our picks reflect some of our favorite gifts and accessories we saw at the show.

Lenise Willis’ Pick: Nutty in the Kitchen

At the start of the year my boyfriend and I decided it was time to get back in the kitchen and back in shape! I know, I know, us and the rest of the world, right? But still. We’ve both been very busy at our jobs and let cooking go to the wayside, so we’re trying to ditch eating out and make at least a few healthy meals a week. I’ll be honest, I’ve been finding the kitchen a little boring lately, so I was excited to get a new kitchen towel at AmericasMart Atlanta this week! My new flour sack towel by the Red and White Kitchen Company has a design of a fun, quirky chipmunk juggling three acorns. It’s fun; it makes me laugh, and it kind of reminds me of ME! We’ve been needing some new kitchen towels anyway, and I’m so excited to hang this one on our oven door and add a little energetic fun to our kitchen atmosphere and new routine. 

Anne-Marie Earl’s Pick: Lightweight

During markets, you can usually see me running through the halls from showroom to showroom, looking for what’s exciting and new for the season. With each friendly face I see, I tend to get a new press kit, which I love looking through, but my arms get tired pretty quickly! The last thing I want to be doing is carrying around my huge go-to purse when I’m carrying press materials and I am on my feet all day. I usually keep my press kits in a canvas bag, but what about my credit card, phone, hotel key, very important lip gloss? Our friends at Canoe sent me an awesome crossbody bag that is small enough to not notice that I’m carrying it yet big enough to keep all of the essentials close by. It’s made of Brazilian leather and cowhide, and I cannot tell you how many industry pals have asked to pet my purse! Too funny. Thanks for the bag, Canoe! It’s gorgeous, keeps me looking fashionable, and it’s very functional. 

Alex Herring’s Pick: Stackable Flair 

As the editor over GDA’s fashion section, I’m always staying on the lookout for fun new accessories, so I was happy to discover Stia bracelets at the trade show. These delicate, gold plated sterling silver accessories could definitely be worn on their own, especially on a petite wrist, but they really work well when stacked together for extra flair. I love how the aqua gemstone sparkles gorgeously when it catches the light, and the infinity pave piece has a classic, elegant design that would pair with just about any outfit, so I’m sure I’ll be wearing it a lot in the days to come! 

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