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Time for breakfast: Hearty morning meals star at Region restaurants |

Time for breakfast: Hearty morning meals star at Region restaurants

It’s often said breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether or not you’re a morning meal fan or not, sharing breakfast with loved ones at a favorite restaurant can be a chance to share quality time.

Families and friends share good conversation or laughs over the morning meal. Of course, it’s always nice to have breakfast at home. But if you’re not up to doing the cooking, make plans to visit a breakfast eatery in the Region. Here are just a few spots to order a good egg dish or other creative dishes.

Benedict, 1103 Joliet St., Dyer. Call 219-440-7948. Visit

The eatery, which serves breakfast and lunch, opened in 2013. Breakfast dishes featured at the eatery include everything from Eggs Benedict to breakfast bowls, pancakes, eggs and more.

Menu items include The Breakfast Nook Bowl; Mighty Irish Bowl; Traditional Benny; Smoked Salmon Benny; Texas Style French Toast; Berry Blues Pancakes; Sirloin and Eggs; and more.

The Commander, 745 Ridge Road, Munster; 219-836-4009.

The Commander long has been a favorite dining spot in the Region. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served all day at the family restaurant.

Among breakfast dishes on the menu at the eatery are assorted pancake dishes including Silver Dollar Pancakes; Pancakes with Fruit; Pigs in a Blanket; Waffles; The Waffle Combination; Strawberry Cream French Toast; Skirt Steak and 2 Eggs; and other items.

Jelly, 936 Joliet St., Dyer and 399 E. 81st Ave., Merrillville. Call 219-865-3200 or 219-736-0100.

Breakfast and lunch are in the spotlight at Jelly. The eatery has two locations in Northwest Indiana.

Fresh and creative recipes are highlighted at the eatery. And there’s a charitable component to dining at Jelly. The restaurant matches every meal purchased Thursday through Sunday and donates those meals to help people in need.

Dishes served at Jelly include assorted pancakes including Multi-grain; Gluten-free and Banana Wheat; various frittatas including The Farmhouse Frittata; Steak and Egg Breakfast Burrito; Biscuits and Gravy; Skillets; Eggs Florentine; and other dishes.

Round the Clock, Various locations around Northwest Indiana and one in Lansing.

The popular restaurant chain debuted in 1977. As its name states, Round the Clock is “always open.” Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at the eatery. Every Round the Clock restaurant in different locations has its own charm and decor.

Among items on the breakfast menu are Five Stack Pancakes; Pecan Pancakes; Chicken and Waffles; Belgian Waffles; French Toast with Fruit Topping; Farm Boy Skillet; Turkey Skillet; Steak and Eggs; Scramblers; and more.

Skillets Bistro, 2040 45th St., Highland. Call 219-924-7604. Visit

The cozy eatery has a retro-diner type of feel. Guests may order breakfast items all day at the restaurant.

Breakfast items on the menu include various waffles, including the Malted Belgian Waffle; Banana Foster Pancakes; Skillets, including the Hobo Skillet and 45th Street Skillet; Omelets; Egg Dishes and more.

Third Coast Spice Cafe, 761 Indiana Boundary Road No. 6, Chesterton. Call 219-926-5858. Visit

The Chesterton restaurant features everything from breakfast specialties such as omelets and egg dishes to lunch selections.

Third Coast Spice Cafe puts the spotlight on whole, healthy foods, made without artificial ingredients.

Diners will find breakfast items such as various omelets, including the Southwest Garden Florentine and the Build Your Own Omelet; assorted hashes such as the Popeye Hash and Buffalo Hot Hash; Flapjacks; Breakfast Bowls; Raspberry Cheesecake French Toast; and other items.

Sunrise Restaurant, 1342 119th St., Whiting. Call 219-659-1390.

The family restaurant regularly has a full house of diners for breakfast, lunch or dinner daily. During mid-morning breakfast hours on Sundays, the eatery is particularly busy with after-church diners and others looking for a substantial meal.

At Sunrise, breakfast is available all day. Everything from pancakes, oatmeal, French toast, egg dishes, skillets, such as the Greek, Italian, Country and Veggie; omelets and other dishes are available at the eatery.

The Scrambled Diner, 250 81st Ave., Dyer. Call 219-865-3950.

The Scrambled Diner offers a creative selection of breakfast and lunch items. A variety of breakfast items are in the spotlight at the eatery, which is located in Prairie Center strip mall.

Fresh, seasonal ingredients star at the restaurant. Among menu items featured are assorted omelets including the Tangled in Blue; Orchard and Southwest; Skillets such as The Veggie Skillet and Chorizo Skillet; Breakfast Burrito; pancakes and other dishes.

Toast and Jam Cafe, 7311 Mallard Lane, Schererville. Call 219-769-0000. Visit

The cozy, cute cafe offers breakfast and lunch meals. Dishes have creative names at this eatery. Breakfast fans will find everything from egg dishes, assorted oatmeals, skillets, omelets, casseroles and more here.

Among menu items are Baked Banana Bread Oatmeal; Breakfast Bites; Breakfast Nachos; Steak and Eggs; Pork Chops and Eggs; The Hoosier Skillet; Poblano Breakfast Casserole and other items.

Johnel’s Restaurant, 4145 Calumet Ave., Hammond. Call 219-931-7000. Visit

The family restaurant, which is near the Ramada Hotel and Dynasty Banquets in Hammond, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Johnel’s draws a large breakfast clientele with its diverse menu. Assorted menu items include skillets such as Polish, Steak and Gypsy Skillets; omelets, including the Three Meat; Asparagus or Broccoli; as well as waffles, pancakes, crepes and blintzes.

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