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Time to rethink the standard bar sink |

Time to rethink the standard bar sink

Treat this as a focal point of your food and beverage staging area.

Q: Dear Ed: I’m planning an extensive kitchen remodel. I want a kitchen island with a bar sink and plan to include this feature with our new kitchen. What bar sink features can you suggest to help me find my perfect island sink? — Mary, Wisconsin

A: With kitchen island sinks, I can tell you that the good old fashioned bar sink has basically evolved into a staging area for food and beverages rather than an actual work station.

With this in mind, I suggest you think of your island sink as a focal point in your kitchen, and you take advantage of new bar sink design features.

Three categories to explore are:

Material choices. Cast iron and acrylic are now popular material choices, as well as stainless steel.
Shapes and mounting. Under-mount bar sinks with rounded shapes can make a dramatic visual statement.
Finally, faucets and accessories. High-end faucets and custom cutting boards also help keep a new island sink on the cutting edge of the latest design trends.

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