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Top 5 tips to make the most of your small living space in Dubai |

Top 5 tips to make the most of your small living space in Dubai

Top 5 tips to make the most of your small living space in Dubai

Jenna Powell / 8 May 2014

As rents and property prices increase in Dubai, many young professionals and expanding families have to work with a small space when decorating and furnishing their homes. Interior designer Karen Comber, of Idolise, gives Khaleej Times her attractive space saving tips.

1. Make distinct zones just like you would in a larger house

My personal tip would be to draw a floor plan to scale. Consider where you would like to eat, sleep and read a book. It’s about making one room feel like five. Don’t forget to include on this plan your existing furniture pieces or new items to get an idea of what will fit and how the space can be zoned. Think about public and private areas and how you can create flexibility and privacy with curtains, movable screens and open shelves, which can divide rooms without making the space feel too small. You should also consider the way you enter and move through the space.

2. Store everywhere you can have storage

You need to be inventive. With storage make sure you use every possible nook and cranny and go vertical all the way up to the ceiling. If you have the ceiling height, make your bedroom a loft above a small bathroom. You can even create steps that double up as drawers for the kitchen or bathroom. Never seen this before? It looks great! Every piece of furniture you have should have storage under or in it. Consider built-ins and modular furniture systems that can be configured to fit your space wall-to-wall and floor-to ceiling and accommodate all your storage needs in one compact area.

3. Decoration

Don’t be afraid of colour. White makes a room look bigger, but so does dark glossy paint and reflective materials like large mirrors. Furniture that is the same or similar colour or tone as your floor or walls will create the illusion of space and look very edgy. Accessories in a complementary colour will add pop! A dark floor against light colored walls and furniture can really make a place feel more spacious too.

4. Lighting

Use directional spots and loose lighting so your spaces are flexible, and point or position them near your favorite areas. Avoid fixed wall lights as these will restrict the flexibility and the ability to move zones around if you become bored. Only use lighting pendants or hanging light features over your dining area if there is no chance that you will move the area around at a later stage. If you want a pendant light over the table, choose one of the floor pendant lights with the long arm so it can be relocated.

5. Edit, edit, edit and keep it tidy!

Look at everything with a critical eye. If you have a chair that you just don’t love, give it to someone who would. If you notice you miss having a chair, find one that you love and that is a better scale and investment for your space. Don’t store anything that you don’t need. Have a place for everything and then everything can go back in its place.

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