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Top Amazon Prime Day Kitchen Deals Ranked |

Top Amazon Prime Day Kitchen Deals Ranked

Instant Pot

The Instant Pot craze doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, but the prices don’t seem to be dropping either. During Prime Day 2017, the Instant Pot was one of the most-sold items, and it was super popular during Black Friday. We saw some pretty stellar pricing during Black Friday, but that pricing has been beaten on select models this year already, which leads us to believe that Prime Day could bring the prices even lower.

You’ll want to keep an eye on the LUX Mini 3-quart cooker for it to hit between $50 and $55, the 6-quart Ultra to drop to around $100, and more.


If you want a blender that just about does it all for you, Vitamix is the way to go. Not only can they make smoothies and chop up ice, but most of them can even make hot soup for you. Seriously. How cool is that? What makes Vitamix even cooler is that there is a whole ecosystem of extras to go with its blenders, like cups, blades, bowls, and more.

The TurboBlend two speed blender is great for those who are looking to get started. It generally sells for around $325 and has never sold for below $275. The more features you want, the more expensive these get. The Vitamix 7500 is $529.99 regularly but has dropped down to $400 a few times in the past.


You’ve probably heard of Kitchenaid before. The company makes all kinds of kitchen-related stuff, and it’s available at a variety of price points. We regularly see discounts on small blenders, food processors, and plenty of other kitchen accessories throughout the year. Since the items are at a lower cost, the discounts may not appear as huge, but they can still be quite substantial.

These mini food processors sell for an average of $32, but we’ve seen them drop down to around $20 before, and that’s a great target price. The 5-quart standing mixers average $250 to $300 most of the time, though they’ve dropped down to $200 once.

Le Creuset

You’d be surprised how much the quality of the pots and pans you use while cooking can affect the outcome of your food. Le Creuset makes some truly great strengthened pots and pans in a variety of materials, including cast iron, stone, and more. Unlike some other brands, the pieces look unique thanks to the various colors the company offers them in, from red to light blue, dark blue, orange, and black.

The 11.75-inch cast iron skillet is selling for $199.95 right now but has previously dropped to $100 during Black Friday time. If it gets that low again, treat yourself, seriously.


It’s the household brand for single-serve coffee machines, and there are some great deals on the brewers from time to time. Some of them will only hold enough water to make one cup, others will hold enough to brew several cups, but all of the K-cups are made to brew just a single cup of coffee. Over the years, the company has branched out beyond just coffee and now makes K-cups for hot chocolate, tea, and more.

If you’re looking for the most basic and affordable Keurig, the K15 single serve compact maker is the one to check out. It sells for around $60 normally and has only ever dropped to $50 once before. The K575 holds more water, can brew various cup sizes and dispenses hot water on demand. A great price for this one would be around $125.


Keurig might be the most common name in household capsule-based coffee machines, but Nestle’s Nespresso brand isn’t far behind. The Nespresso capsules can be found right next to K-Cups and generally cost just as much. So if you want to stock up on coffee for your Nespresso machine, Prime Day will be the day to do it.

Nespresso machines are made by some major kitchen manufacturers. We’ve seen one of DeLonghi’s Nespresso machines, the VertuoPlus Deluxe, drop as low as $90 recently. Breville’s Essenza Mini Original Espresso Machine has gone as low as $60. Regular Breville and DeLonghi appliances don’t go on sale nearly as much, so Prime Day will be a great time to grab one of these.

Roomba iRobot

Your first thought when it comes to kitchen gadgets may not be a RoboVac, but let me tell you, it should be. Having something else vacuum for you while you kick back and relax is amazing, and Roomba’s iRobot line are some of the most popular options on the market. There are a whole bunch of models available, each doing something a little different. Pricing tends to start around $300 for the mort entry-level ones, and goes up to nearly $1,000 for one with all the bells and whistles.

During Black Friday and around the holidays the Roomba 690 dropped down to $275 from its regular selling price of $325. Since then, the company has dropped its average price down to $299, so we hope to see a Prime Day discount closer to $250. The Roomba 890 has a few more features and should be an instant purchase at any price under $400.


From hand-held vacuums to corded ones, and even Wi-Fi-enabled air purifiers, Dyson is a brand that people know and trust. With that trust comes a price tag, but you can often find a decent deal if you look around or wait. Big shopping events, like Prime Day, are often a great time for Dyson related discounts to surface, and we hope Prime Day is no exception.

Earlier this year, we saw the Wi-Fi Air Purifier drop to $349, which was an awesome price for it. The historic low is $339 and that was a limited-time sale for Black Friday. If the price gets close to either of these, it’s worth buying immediately. The Dyson V8 animal cordless vacuum is normally sold for as much as $499, and more recently we’ve seen it at around $425. If it gets to $375 and you don’t buy it, you’ll regret it later.

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