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Top Takeaways from the Tabletop Show |

Top Takeaways from the Tabletop Show

We scouted the latest giftware introduced at the New York Tabletop Show last week and discovered that several existing trends are still going strong while others are beginning to evolve. Here are our five top takeaways from market:

Iridescence Is In

The industry has taken a shine to the rainbow effect, executed in either a whisper of color, such as this Monterey punchbowl from Godinger or these bright, bold vases by Mikasa. On the other end of the finish spectrum, semi-matte glazes have taken hold in dinnerware and serveware, used solo or paired with glossy finishes for contrast.


Going Global

Rather than highlight a specific design from a particular region or country (such as Spanish tile, Moroccan weaves or tribal motifs), some companies have opted for a melting pot aesthetic that draws from multiple cultures and ethnicities and caters to the well-traveled consumer (or the one who aspires to be.) The Global Tapestry collection from Lenox is artisanal and eclectic, and encompasses a wide range of materials (wood, colored glass, stoneware, metal) and spans home décor, gifting and home entertaining.


Pastels Remain Powerful

Pale, chalky colors—mint, pale pink and light blue in particular—are an alternative to the other color stories tending in the market such as black and white color combinations, earthy neutrals and shades of dark green. Pastels are turning upon everything from toasters and frying pans to sleek, midcentury modern-inspired dinnerware, and are also right at home in traditional giftware categories like frames, compacts, trinket trays and tea pots, such as this Royal Albert Alpha Foodie debut.


Bowled Over

Bowls are the biggest ongoing story in tabletop, a reflection of the way younger consumers prefer to eat and dine—on the couch, with a poke bowl or protein-rich salad in hand. Beyond dinnerware, tidbit bowls and ice cream bowls, such as this one by Over and Back, and bowls in just about any shape or size are in demand.


Birds and Butterflies

Winged creatures—whether insect or avian—have their place on all sorts of giftware pieces, from the porcelain trays illustrated with various birds from Vista Alegre, or the Botanic Garden Harmony canisters, tea pots and other serveware and décor from Portmeirion that expands its most popular franchise.

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