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Tri-State BBB warns people of KitchenAid mixers scam |

Tri-State BBB warns people of KitchenAid mixers scam

The Tri-State Better Business Bureau warns people about a new scam involving KitchenAid mixers. 

The BBB says a shopper will see a KitchenAid ad on Facebook offering a mixer for $50. Those mixers usually cost $200.     

The shopper will call or message the scammer on Facebook and then is given an overseas number where someone takes your credit card information,  but the mixer never comes. 

“The problem is not that they lost the $50 for this bogus mixer that never existed,” said Oana Schneider of the Tri-State BBB, “the problem is that disclosed personal and financial information which mean they means that could lead to ID theft or financial fraud.” 

The BBB says these types of scams usually don’t start until closer to the holidays but remind shoppers to be careful as the holiday season is approaching. 

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