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TVS Showcases New Luna Induction Cookware |

TVS Showcases New Luna Induction Cookware

Luna Induction cookware, new from TVS, has hit the market.

According to the company, the innovative shape of the steel handle, which is designed not to overheat during use and allows dishes to be finished in the oven, is what sets it apart from other cookware on the market.

The non-stick coating has been strengthened with the company’s Toptek Pro and the bottom of the cookware contains a steel disc that is cut to guarantee the best possible stability, the company said. The disc is also brushed finish to provide non-slip grip, can be used on any heat source, according to TVS.

The line of cookware includes three frying pans, two 2-handle stock pots, a 2-handle pan with glass lid, a wok with handle, and a wok with handle and handgrip.

The company also recently debuted its Titan Induction cookware as well.

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