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Ultimate Kitchen Announces Sink Soap Dispenser Warranty |

Ultimate Kitchen Announces Sink Soap Dispenser Warranty

( — October 2, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen is a customer-oriented producer of kitchen accessories. The company offers their customers kitchen sink faucets, vacuum storage accessories, chef knives, coffee presses, silicone baking mats, etc. Ultimate Kitchen is concerned about the environmental issues and produces eco-friendly products such as their polished stainless steel soap dispenser.

This Ultimate Kitchen stainless steel soap dispenser was designed to replace one-use foaming plastic soap dispensers for the environment and for customers at the same time. Plastic soap bottles are harmful to the environment and customers spend extra money continuing to buy a new one every time the old one is used.

The Ultimate Kitchen foaming sink soap dispenser is designed to be reused for years. They recently announced the addition of a five-year replacement warranty for their built-in foaming soap dispenser.

Ultimate Kitchen guarantees the replacement of a broken item in case of breakage. A customer needs just to contact Ultimate Kitchen and ask for the replacement. The replacement would take two days to be delivered and replace the broken one. Ultimate Kitchen offers a longer replacement warranty period than other companies offer for similar items.

That is not the only feature that makes Ultimate Kitchen stainless steel soap dispenser a good choice for customers. Ultimate Kitchen is known for their customer-oriented approach to product design. This soap dispenser was created exactly for comfort when it is used. It comes with a large capacity soap bottle (17oz.), so customers don’t need to refill the bottle too often. But when they need to do that, they would refill the bottle easily from the top.

“Short and sweet on why you should buy this one. It’s not made of cheap plastic, it actually feels like a quality product. It has a huge soap reservoir so you’re not refilling it every other day. Super easy installation, that’s always a bonus! All you do to refill it is take the top off. It looks great once installed. It works great. Plus you get a five-year warranty! Very happy with this purchase. Oh, and I make my own soap to put in it, so I’m sure any foaming soap you buy will work fine,” said the verified purchaser, Miss Mechelle.

The comfort of item usage is not the only priority of Ultimate Kitchen. The other priority is to create the product that is easy to install. The installation of this sink soap dispenser doesn’t require hiring a professional plumber. Ultimate Kitchen provides all the information needed for installation in the detailed printed instructions. Moreover, they provide the installation video for free with the purchase.

“I just received this product this afternoon and I couldn’t be happier! It was easy to install and works exactly as described. I especially appreciated receiving a separate email informing me about a link to watch installation if needed,” said another verified purchaser, Trix678. “I watch the video because the directions were so small. After doing so, the unit was installed within minutes. It blends in perfectly with my decore and replaces a non-foaming unit. It is exactly what I had hoped for. Thank you!”

Ultimate Kitchen built-in foaming soap dispenser is available on Amazon.

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Ultimate Kitchen branded products are a part of the Ultimate Home collection of high quality kitchen products ranging from sink soap dispensers, kitchen faucets, chef knives, and food vacuum sealers. Ultimate Kitchen products are available at and

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