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Ultimate Kitchen Issues a Warranty on Food Canister |

Ultimate Kitchen Issues a Warranty on Food Canister

( — November 13, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen is known for the long-time warranties for their products. Recently, they announced a five-year warranty for one more product. This time the company offers the five-year replacement warranty for their one-liter food storage vacuum sealer canister.

Vacuum storage accessories is one of the main product lines from Ultimate Kitchen. Ultimate Kitchen is concerned about the amount of expired food being wasted each year. This is the main motivation behind creating a wide spectrum of products that help to keep foods fresh longer. The Ultimate Kitchen range of vacuum food storage accessories includes various vacuum sealers, vacuum sealer canisters, and vacuum sealer bags of different sizes.

Ultimate Kitchen’s storage accessories have gained popularity on Amazon. Customers have rated them high along with leaving positive reviews. The one litter food storage vacuum sealer canister has a 4.7 stars rating out of a maximum of 5 stars.

A verified purchaser said, ‘I have used this non-stop since I bought it to marinate chicken and steak. Usually, I marinate overnight but with this sealed food container using the same recipes, it takes about 20 minutes. Super excited to use this all the time with less preparation time!”

Besides the announced five-year replacement warranty, this vacuum sealer canister has other qualities that are appreciated by customers. It is designed to prolong the lifetime of perishable foods and leftovers up to five times longer in comparison with standard ways of keeping food. This vacuum sealer canister can be connected to Ultimate Kitchen vacuum sealers.

This vacuum sealer container can be used for marinating food and some other preparation processes. This vacuum sealer canister is designed of high-quality stain-resistant and odor-proof materials. It is created with an arc design for uniform pressure across the surface when vacuum sealed.

“I really like using these containers so far. Great for extending the life of food for using over a long period of time. I just take out what I need for a recipe then reseal the container,” said another verified purchaser.

The five-year warranty offered by the company means that during the five years after the day of purchase a customer can ask for a replacement if the item doesn’t work properly. Ultimate Kitchen provides a two-days delivery of a new container. Moreover, Ultimate Kitchen offers longer warranty periods than is usually offered by other companies for similar products.

Ultimate Kitchen sells their wares on Amazon which gives them access to a wide range of potential customers worldwide and also provides fast and safe means of delivery. Amazon users that opted for the Amazon Prime service save money on deliveries and get them in two days. This food storage canister is available on Amazon as well. The price of the canister is $29.99. Additional information is available on the product’s Amazon page or on the manufacturer’s official website.

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