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Ultimate Kitchen Soap Dispenser Popularized by Large Reservoir |

Ultimate Kitchen Soap Dispenser Popularized by Large Reservoir

( — October 24, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen is a growing kitchen tools producing company. The company has been on the market since 2014. But the worldwide popularity came when Ultimate Kitchen started selling online. The full spectrum of their products is available on Amazon. The customers could buy from home and order delivery to every place all over the world.

The best selling Ultimate a Kitchen products are their soap dispensers. They offer a wide range of built-in soap dispensers as well as countertop soap dispensers. Recently, Ultimate Kitchen announced the five-year replacement warranty for their stainless steel sink soap dispenser.

This sink soap dispenser is a highly rated item on Amazon, 85% of reviewers rated it the maximum five stars. Customers also left many positive reviews and recommendations. Buyers appreciate the modern design and the spectrum of functionality.

“The soap pump is exactly as described in the listing and photos. Feels really solid and goes well with our faucet and sink. Like the larger bottle size and refilling couldn’t be simpler, just pull off the pump top and pour your product in,” said the five-star reviewer LittleJoe. “Since we swapped out our 3-hole faucet for a single hole this left us with two holes to use. We bought two units and use one for dish soap, and one for hand soap. Love the clean look!”

Buying Ultimate Kitchen soap dispenser, customers get the item of high quality with a five-year replacement warranty. It is longer than other producers usually offers for their sink soap dispensers. Ultimate Kitchen five year replacement warranty guarantees a replacement in case of unsatisfactory performance of a hand soap dispenser or breakage. A customer just needs to contact Ultimate Kitchen and ask for a replacement. The delivery of new item would take only two days.

“Got this to replace the old one when we replaced the faucet. Great quality, easy install, and the soap goes right where you’d want it (rather than across the room, as some reviews of another dispenser mentioned…),” said another five-star reviewer Parkerman. “The threaded stem of the dispenser is quite long (didn’t measure it unfortunately) and should be no problem when installing in a granite countertop. Soap bottle is bigger than our old one and still easy to fill from the top.”

Ultimate Kitchen is the customer-oriented company. They construct kitchen accessories that are easy to install without specific experience and tools. To achieve that the company produced an installation guide video. It is available on YouTube and covers the installation of a soap dispenser in detail.

Three factors make this product easy and comfortable to use. This brushed nickel soap dispenser is designed with a large capacity 17 oz. soap bottle so it doesn’t require refilling too often. The dispenser can be refilled from the top, so the customers don’t need to crawl under the sink each time they need to add soap. The 3″ nozzle that reaches over the sink makes the usage of this soap dispenser clean and easy.

The stainless steel sink soap dispenser is available on Amazon for $19.99.

About Ultimate Kitchen

Ultimate Kitchen branded products are a part of the Ultimate Home collection of high quality kitchen products ranging from sink soap dispensers, kitchen faucets, chef knives, and food vacuum sealers. Ultimate Kitchen products are available at and

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