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Vintage China Could Be 100 Years Old |

Vintage China Could Be 100 Years Old

Q: This is a photo of several dishes in a set of china that I inherited. The set is a service for 12 and includes serving bowls, two covered bowls, platters, a gravy boat with attached tray, a cream pitcher, a sugar bowl and salt and pepper shakers. Each piece is marked the letters “H — J — Co” and is in perfect condition. The dishes are decorated with multicolored birds on a branch along with colorful blossoms.

I would appreciate any information you can provide about the name and location of the maker, the year of manufacture and the value of my dinner set.

A: Hertel, Jacob Co. made your porcelain dinnerware. It was located in Bavaria, Germany, from 1906 to 1979. Your set was made around 1910 to 1922. Sales of vintage porcelain sets have declined in the past 10 years. People often prefer dinnerware that is dishwasher- and microwave-safe and easy to maintain.

Similar sets sell in the range of $150 to $250.

Q: This mark is on the bottom of a pottery vase that I own. It is around 8 inches tall and in mint condition. It is decorated with a woman standing between two trees and swinging a golf club. She is wearing a hat, a long brown skirt, a white blouse and a brown cape that is caught by the wind. Her image is outlined with an incised dark line. The glaze is a matte caramel that fades to blue-green at the top.

What can you tell me about my vase?

A: Weller Pottery made your “Dickensware” vase. The pottery was founded by Samuel Weller in Fultonham, Ohio, in 1872. It moved to Zanesville, Ohio, in 1882. The Dickensware line was created by Weller art director Charles Babcock Upjohn. There were three distinct lines. The caramel matte glaze that graduates to blue green, the sgraffito (incised lines) and the image of the golfer are characteristic of the second line. Weller made a male golfer that is a companion piece to your vase. The second line also featured Native Americans, animals, monks and Charles Dickens characters.

Your vase is circa 1900 and would probably be worth $800 to $1200.

 Hertel, Jacob and Co. was founded in Bavaria in 1906.  Weller Pottery made three lines of Dickensware.

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