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We checked into the Omni Louisville Hotel on opening night to show you around – The Courier |

We checked into the Omni Louisville Hotel on opening night to show you around – The Courier

When I heard the new Omni Louisville Hotel was opening, I knew I had to see inside. 

And not just during the ribbon cutting event that was open to the public Tuesday afternoon. I wanted to book a room on opening night to get a real feel for the place. 

We want you to see this place for yourself tonight! Be sure to watch our show live at 7 p.m. Catch it right here

Keep checking int to see how my stay is going. In the meantime, this is what I’ve seen so far with little video clips so you, too, can imagine what it’s like …

First impressions of the Omni

Walking in, I feel like I am instantly on a vacation somewhere far, far away … not a mile from the Courier Journal building where I work. I have a good feeling about this!

Checking in

This was super easy. 

My hotel room


The Omni Louisville rooms offer sweeping views of Louisville as well as a lot of Kentucky touches.
Matt Stone/Courier Journal

I’ve got two words for my hotel room at the Omni: sophisticated comfort.

It’s not huge, but everything is so well thought out. Lots of touches of Louisville and Kentucky including a not-so-mini mini bar stocked with a few different bourbons. 

The best part is the view — is there really glass on this huge window?    

Falls City Market


Even if you’re not a hotel guest, there’s Heine Bros. coffee shop as well as a grocery and several food options at Omni Louisville.
Matt Stone/Courier Journal

Yes please, I’ll have a shot — of Heine Brothers espresso, thank you. But why stop at the coffee bar? There is fresh sushi, a bakery (yum!), a food truck INDOORS, a bar serving suds and pizza, a deli and groceries. 

No kidding, you can do your grocery shopping in this place. Plus, a section with tableware and kitchen accessories. 



The Omni pool deck will be a cool place during Louisville’s hot summers.
Matt Stone/Courier Journal

This is hotel swimming pool of my dreams! A lap pool with a view of the city. 

There’s a bar (which isn’t open yet, because only I would think 50 degrees is OK for a swim) and a large warm hot tub. I will be back when the weather heats up and the wind dies down.

By the way, the pool deck is named the Water Company because the old Louisville Water Company was located here in the 1800s. 

Library Bar


More of a study in relaxation, the library offers dozens of seating areas for a quiet respite at the Omni Louisville.
Matt Stone/Courier Journal

If only my school library looked and felt like this! I would have spent a lot more time reading. 

Oh, and in this library, you can order a cocktail and something delicious to eat. Let’s get reading!  

Fitness facility 

One of my top priorities when booking a hotel is the fitness facility and this place blows away any place I have ever stayed. This large space is filled with state-of-the-art cardio and strength machines. I am in heaven.

Mokara Spa

Massage, facial, nail services — darn, why didn’t I book more time for this mini vacation? I had no idea the spa at the Omni was so extensive. 

Definitely coming back for another stay and making this a priority. I might try a Liquid Gold Facial or Magnesium Melt Massage.

Watch our live show tonight from the Omni

Be sure to watch our live show at 7 p.m.! Catch it right here


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