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What a kitchen’s value can do for your home |

What a kitchen’s value can do for your home

Looking to sell your home? First, take a look at your kitchen. In real estate the kitchen, more than any other room sells the home. But know that you can’t spend megabucks on any project, even a kitchen, and expect to get that money back. Make minor repairs; the leaky faucet, the loose light fixture, the burn mark on the countertop. Once you’ve made the kitchen fully functional think about a gentle spruce-up. For a few hundred dollars paint walls, update cabinet hardware and add new curtains. If the kitchen is very outdated, go for a DIY-friendly laminate countertop, and vinyl or laminate flooring. Both are hard-wearing.

Following are some dos and don’ts for a kitchen upgrade:

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Worthwhile Upgrade: Neutrals

A neutral color palette for countertops and flooring might be your biggest return on investment. Neutrals are more universal, and you can change up the feeling through accessories, glassware, dishware, and paint color.

Worthwhile upgrade: Appliances

The right appliance can make the space feel more finished and help in the resale of your home. Replace large appliances with stainless steel finishes, all at the same time, if possible, for a unified look. If you can only replace one appliance, invest in a good dishwasher.

Unnecessary Investment: Anything too Trendy

Looking at the latest design trends? Big mistake. Intricate countertops, trendy tile backsplashes and carved moldings will be out of date in six months. Go with timeless finishes versus fashionable or trendy.

Worthwhile Upgrade: Expanding the Space

Larger kitchens are what today’s homebuyers are looking for. Unlike in the past, these days the kitchen is an all-encompassing space where everybody gathers. Knock down a wall or create the illusion of spaciousness by adding a window.

Unnecessary Investment: Superfluous Extras

A pizza oven, built-in coffee maker or hibachi grill won’t maximize the value of your home. Think twice before installing a washer/dryer in the kitchen. Most people don’t want to eat where they are washing clothes.

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