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What Indian stalls are showcasing in DITF |

What Indian stalls are showcasing in DITF

The Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) entered its sixth day on Saturday. On the previous day it had arguably the highest number of visitors so far in its 23rd edition, on account of weekend.

With an increasing number of visitors flocking to the fair as it progresses, the attractions and sales have both gone up. Almost all the stalls are now completely stocked, and are doing business in full flow.

Despite the majority of the stalls being owned by local brands, one of the main attractions of the DITF is the scores of foreign stalls showcasing their products. These stalls are always spectacularly designed, have a wide range of attractive items on display, and draw a large audience without fail.

A regular participant at the DITF is India, with numerous Indian stalls exhibiting their products each year.

Like every year, there is a profusion of Indian stalls participating in the fair this year as well, offering a wide range of products such as clothes, shawls, cookware, footwear, carpets, jewelery, and other decorative ornaments.

Among the most popular items to be sold at Indian stalls are shawls. Customers can not only get authentic Kashmiri shawls at the fair, but also enjoy good deals on lots of different varieties to choose from.

Rows of Indian product stalls are a regular sight at the Trade Fair. Among the more popular items being sold at this year’s Indian stalls are shawls and winter clothes, cutlery, kitchen accessories, jewelry and footwear        Photo: Rajib Dhar

“Customers are always looking for good shawls as it is still winter and shawls are very fashionable,” said Imran Mirza, owner of a Kashmiri shawl stall.

“Shawls at budget prices are the most sought-after, while those costing up to Tk3,000 are also proving to be quite popular.”

Another Indian clothing stall owner, Khurshid Ahmed Sufi, voiced his satisfaction at the how the first weekend of the fair was advancing, saying: “Customers are not only interested in shawls, but Indian clothes as well.”

“I have sold clothes costing as much as Tk20,000, while other decorative ornaments such as cushions are also proving to be well admired this time around,” he added.

A visitor at the fair, Uzma Zaman, said: “Local products can always be bought from the local markets, but genuine foreign products are not so easily available, especially at good prices and deals.”

“It is next to impossible to find a shawl I like. Moreover, I can get good deals on Indian shawls and clothes at the fair, and there are plenty of stalls and collections to choose from,” she added.

In addition to shawls and clothes, customers were also seen crowding other Indian stalls selling goods such as cutlery and jewelery, with most of the customers being women.

In addition, Indian footwear stalls were also packed with customers, with the manager of such a stall, Prateek Das, claiming: “Sales are good. All my products cost above Tk1,000 each, and we have had a large number of customers since morning.”

Another popular attraction at Indian stalls was the array of kitchen utilities such as vegetable cutters. Salespersons provided live demonstrations of their products every 20–30 minutes, speaking in megaphones to the large number of eagerly watching spectators gathered outside their stalls.

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