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What to Cook This Weekend |

What to Cook This Weekend

Me, I’d like to make Julia Moskin’s recipe for adobo-fried chicken. And to assist the youngest in my brood in knocking out Dorie Greenspan’s recipe for brown sugar-pecan shortbread cookies for dessert. Also, I’d like to make a batch of Melissa’s olive oil granola with dried apricots and pistachios for breakfasts down the line.

And for lunch in there somewhere, I’m thinking clam chowder will answer, before I take to the couch to finish Jon Krakauer’s dark and fascinating “Under the Banner of Heaven.”

Those seeking a project may find this a good weekend to attempt the construction of a full-blown cassoulet, which will feed a family through much of the week. (Those seeking that flavor profile with a lot less work might try Mark Bittman’s slow-cooker version of the same dish.)

Two housekeeping notes before I close: First, some of you have asked how to care for the new cast-iron skillets you received as gifts over the holidays. Here is your answer.

Second, it is Nigella Lawson’s birthday today. You might send our old colleague and pal good wishes on her Twitter account. But you should definitely cook one of her recipes on Cooking and give thanks for all her good work and sage advice over the years. Nigella is a national treasure in quite a few nations.

Many more recipes to cook this weekend are available on Cooking. Go take a spin through our offerings, and save the recipes you like to your recipe box. You can rate the recipes you’ve made with stars, and you can put notes on them, if you’ve got something smart and helpful to add to the conversation about them.

And, of course, if you run into trouble, either with the recipes or the technology that supports them, we are here to help. Just write us:

Now, a few observations from the sickbed, binge-watching-TV fugue state I’ve just emerged from, trembling, weak but alive: I like how beautiful the houses and people are on the Netflix series “Marcella.” I’m weirdly bothered by the anachronism of using Ikea butcher block to make the kitchen islands in “The Americans” on FX. And, back on Netflix, how about those Norwegian special operators on “Nobel”? As ever with those kinds of warfighters, I’m wondering what boots they wear on deployment. Fever! It gets you thinking. See you on Sunday.

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