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What’s hot in the kitchen for 2018 |

What’s hot in the kitchen for 2018

The themes of convenience, design, home entertaining and less waste of food and resources tie together the predicted popular kitchen gadgets of this year. At center: the Instant Pot, a combination slow cooker/pressure cooker. Other kitchen tools, clockwise from top left: utensils and appliances in gold; highly styled big-ticket appliances such as this Smeg refrigerator; the Guac-Lock and other avocado-related tools; reusable items such as this collapsible to-go cup from Stojo; craft cocktail items such as these shrub mixes from Pennsylvania-based Tait Farm Foods; the Soma water pitcher which also supports a clean-water initiative; jars of spice mixes for convenience; a sheet pan — and accompanying time-saving recipes that call for all of a meal’s ingredients to be cooked at once.

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