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WHAT’S HOT: Warwick shoppers’ Christmas favourites |

WHAT’S HOT: Warwick shoppers’ Christmas favourites

FROM jewellery to clothes, gadgets and home-wares Warwick has gone nuts for shopping this Christmas season.

While shop owners and managers have seen big crowds and lots of spending, there’s a feeling tight economic times mean shoppers are buying smaller, cheaper gifts, over larger big-ticket items.

At Fun Plus Electronics and Accessories manager Gil Lee said phone cases were always a big winner at Christmas time.

“They’ve been very popular,” he said.

“We’ve also almost sold out of the range of remote-controlled cars we had in stock.

“Another big seller has been our range of drones, ranging from the miniature toy versions to the larger professional drones that retail at $550 – we sold one of those last week.”

A few doors away at Robins Kitchen, manager Symone Jones said stocking filler and secret Santa items had been popular.

“Kitchen gadgets are always a favourite small gift and we’ve seen a lot of our squeezable slushy makers go out the door,” she said.

“They’re a great gift that will appeal to kids and adults alike.

“And with the hot weather, they make a timely seasonal gift, as do our large glass drink dispensers.

“Probably the biggest seller this year has been knife blocks and kitchen knives.

“It’s been really busy here, which is just what you want in Christmas week.”

Uptown at Danny Lyons Sports Store, Mr Lyons said being a lottery outlet he had sold a lot of scratchies and Lotto tickets in the past weeks.

“People are buying them for themselves and as gifts,” he said.

“We’ve just got the 2018 range of Broncos, Storm and Cowboys gear in as well, and they’ve been really popular.”

Jeweller John Walsh has seen many Warwick Christmases from his Palmerin St store and said the old favourites were always big sellers at this time of year.

“Watches and jewellery are always popular gifts,” he said.

“The Pandora range of jewellery is a big winner, people love the accessories, the fact you can mix and match and find something to suit every occasion.

“We’ve also had a lot of repairs to do lately and quite a bit of engraving as well, showing people are going for those personalised, sentimental-value gifts.”

Memorabilia store What The Pop manager Kayla Clark said their Pop figurines had been flying off the shelves.

“We’ve just got a huge new range in and they’ve been really popular,” she said.

“They’ll all based on the popular movies and TV shows of the moment and make a great collectible.”

At Sanity, manager Jess Haynes-Grigg said new albums from Pink, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran had been huge sellers.

“TV box sets like Game of Thrones and Vikings have been huge as well.

“And of course, we’re selling lots of kids DVDs and music.”

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