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Will the Instant Pot be another flash in the pan? |

Will the Instant Pot be another flash in the pan?

High-end juicers. Home seltzer machines. Sous vide. Every year there’s a new fad culinary gadget that wins a coveted spot on countertops across the country, only to be relegated to distant cupboards or the garage once the novelty wears off.

This holiday season, nothing in the kitchen is more buzzworthy than the Instant Pot — a multipurpose electric cooker that slow cooks, pressure cooks, sautes, steams and even makes yogurt from scratch.

The gadget has attained cult-like status among its devotees for its ability to reduce cooking times, dirty dishes and waistlines (since it’s averse to fried foods). Those reasons, experts say, give the Instant Pot something kitchen gifts of Christmases past have lacked: staying power.

“They are a great example of product innovation meeting consumer needs,” said Joe Derochowski, executive director and home industry analyst at research firm NPD Group. “Multi-cookers are not a fad.”

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