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Workout Wednesday: Slimware Dinnerware |

Workout Wednesday: Slimware Dinnerware

LUBBOCK, TX – While working out is obviously an important part of getting healthy, you also have to consider what your using to fuel those workouts.

Eating the wrong things, or to much food in general, is an easy way to counteract all the hard work you’ve been doing to get fit. The folks at Slimware Dinnerware are hoping to make portioning your meals correctly easier than ever.

Slimware is a line of portion conscious plates that provide a simple solution to help not to overeat. The plates are helpful and attractive, so you’re not embarrassed to keep them in your kitchen. Instead of having to worry about counting calories, simply use your eyes to limit your portions.

For more information, or to purchase the plates, check out the Slimware website at

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