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Year & Day ceramic dinnerware is both functional and beautiful … |

Year & Day ceramic dinnerware is both functional and beautiful …

I’m a sucker for a beautiful table setting. Whenever I go to a nice restaurant or event, I’m almost always as interested in the dinnerware and florals as I am in the actual dinner because of how they shape the mood and atmosphere of the space. They can make the most simple meals feel special, or match the elegance and thoughtfulness of an eight-course culinary journey.

As people move past the phase of their lives where they move apartments every year and make do with hand-me-downs or the cheapest home goods they could find, beautiful matching utensils and plates become just one marker of true adulthood and stability. You, too, can make meal time more intentional, whether you’re honestly just reheating last night’s take-out, or hosting a dinner party with your best friends.

Year Day

When Year Day founder Kathryn Duryea moved to San Francisco, she was ready to stock her new apartment with plates and flatware, but often found the options lacking — boring, expensive, and of poor quality. Long interested in the rituals of the table and entertaining, she began taking glaze-making classes, researching the industries of ceramics, flatware, and glass, and meeting with vendors who shared her vision of high-quality, beautiful, and durable dinnerware.

She found a team in Portugal that had been crafting fine stoneware for hundreds of years, and in November 2017, launched Year Day. In less than a year, it’s been a direct-to-consumer hit, selling out of product on four occasions and experiencing average revenue growth of 40% per month.

Year Day sells three types of products: ceramic plates, bowls, and serving pieces in four different colors ($6.50-$13/piece); stainless steel flatware in polished or matte finishes ($9-$18/piece); and Italian glassware ($12-$15/piece). The brand first caught my eye on Instagram, where every image of its smooth blush and dark navy arrangements had me glaring at my own AmazonBasics plate with disdain. It sounds strange that the basic vessels responsible for holding and transporting my food can incite such strong feelings, but that’s the Year Day Effect, I suppose.

Year Day

The designs are as simple and clean as you can imagine. Sturdy, rimless plates sit alongside balanced forks, knives, and spoons, and you can’t forget the delicate, clear wine glasses. The ceramics are single-fired by Portuguese artisans using locally sourced clay, then finished with semi-matte colors that are especially eye-catching when you mix and match pieces. They have substantial weight, but aren’t so heavy to be impractical for everyday use.

The flatware, which I have a set of in sleek matte black, is also made in Portugal, with 18/10 stainless steel. The knives have forged blades, so they’re durable and will keep their edge longer. The glassware, an entertaining staple, is made in Italy with a breakage-resistant stem and chemical-free glass. Everything at Year Day is dishwasher-friendly, not just pretty dinnerware you can only look at and wash delicately after the one time of the year you do use it. In the end, it’s practical (as it should be), and you should put it to use every day and every year.

You can buy individual pieces and sets of each category, but you can and should also take advantage of the site’s “Build My Complete Set” feature, which will clear up any confusion about what to buy for your lifestyle. In just a few clicks, you’ll have a full set of dinnerware to perform and dazzle through any meal or drink you enjoy, for years to come.

Shop all dinnerware at Year Day here

Build a complete set at Year Day here

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