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Young chefs put skillets to good use at Bel Air academy |

Young chefs put skillets to good use at Bel Air academy

Have a kid who likes to be in the kitchen? A Harford County chef’s academy could be right up their alley. It hasn’t been open long but already young chefs are putting their skills to good use.

Future chefs are hard at work inside the Young Chef’s Academy in Bel Air learning skills that, until now, they’ve only seen on TV.

“(We learn about) eggs Benedict, hollandaise sauce, cauliflower pizza,” fourth-grader Sydney Clasing said.

“The story is the same for all these kids, ‘We watch ‘Master Chef Junior.’ We watch the ‘Baking Championship,’ and we want to be in this cooking arena,” Chef Adam Bell said.

“Like how they were able to do that, so I kinda wanted to do that so I thought it was really cool there was this class,” seventh-grader Joshua Clasing said.

The Young Chefs Academy opened in February. It offers cooking classes for kids 4-18. They learn how to read recipes, measure ingredients and work as a team.

“Honestly, I just like the fact that they let us do it by ourselves and if we need help they help us,” sixth-grader Zachary Archer said.

“The kids are so energetic about cooking. They love coming in here, and just getting their hands in there and doing these recipes,” Bell said.

Kids can sign up for drop in classes or take courses by the month.

“So we do birthday parties, field trips, workshops, summer camps,” Anthony Bell said.

A teaspoon of confidence and a scoop of passion are the right ingredients for Harford County’s next junior chefs.

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